Pug PlugPug Plug Media is an innovative media production company, specialising in;

• TV, film and video production and post-production

•  Photography and professional photo editing

• Website and graphic design

• Screenplay writing/development/editing

• PR and content writing for  business/events websites and social media platforms

We work hard to create tailored packages, designed to meet the individual needs of our clients and go the extra mile to ensure we always bring ideas to life !

Information about the packages we offer can be found on our services page.




We are often asked about the origin of our company name ‘Pug Plug Media’ and company ethos – Pug Plug Media is greatly inspired by the short yet blindingly colourful life of our dearly beloved pet Pug, Buddah, who sadly passed away in November 2017


Buddah touched so many lives over such a small period of time; he forced a smile on every face and warmed every heart and chest with fruitful laughter. He was a vibrant and feisty example of the way in which we each aspire to approach the grey drag of everyday life – it simply isn’t acceptable to merely just exist and to accept the limitations assigned to us by societal constructs. He forced us to recognise that we are all here not to exist – but to live.

Stick time

Our projects aim to spark a conversation, provoke thought and most importantly, inspire a fellow creative to stop existing, and live – we believe that creativity is contagious and intend to spread the bug far and wide!

When working on independent projects, we pride ourselves on our ability to approach each concept with a fresh and obscure outlook, always searching beyond the ‘ordinary’ and daring to create wondrous content that stands proudly on the opposite side of ‘conventional’.

We love to collaborate with both aspiring and established film makers, creatives, musicians, sound engineers – you name it, so get in touch with any ideas you wish to share!

The Pug Plug Team